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Day 33 (Friday, July 29th)


 Today was a great day! It was a break from lab day for me, so I got to sleep in until 10am. I woke up and watched The Challenge: Rivals that I missed from Wednesday night. Heather went to the lab from 9-11am and then we got ready to go to the water park! We met Paris at 12:45 and took a taxi to the water park. Heather and I got to wear swim caps for the first time because they are required to enter the pool! This place was amazing! It was like a water park, but also a place for adults too. There were kiddie pools and things for the children, like the big bucket of water that fills up and then dumps over their heads or water basketball. But the majority of fun things to do at this park were for the adults!


They had multiple different water massage stations. There were two different types of water massage tables where you laid down on your back and the water jets massage your back from beneath you. In total, Heather and I probably spent 35 minutes on those massage tables. There were also two types of water tables were you laid down on your stomach and then water pounded down on your back from a pressurized faucet above you. Heather and I each tried both of these tables just once. The first table was what I would describe as a raining downpour. The second was just painful water cannons attacking your back. In addition to the water tables, they also had other kinds of stations too. Two stations had giant jets that spouted upward in waist-deep water. I found these stations to be somewhat awkward. There were also many stations with handlebars that you hold yourself underwater and the jets massage your back. Finally, they had pressurized faucets that shoot water down on your head and shoulders as you stand in the water.  All of these things were awesome!


We also swam in the regular lap pool for a while. We made many trips to the hot tub, but only stuck our feet in the cold tub once! It was EXTREMELY cold. They had two oil pools: a beauty pool and a fatigue pool. These two were essentially the same with a couple differences. The beauty pool had some pinkish-purple oils in it and was warm, while the fatigue pool had bluish oils in it and was hot! Both pools had refrigerated head rests though! I spent more time in the fatigue pool. I loved the hot water and then resting my head on the freezing cold head rest. It felt great on my neck and shoulders. I was very excited to ride the lazy river, but it turned out not to be so lazy after all. We constantly had to keep pushing ourselves along. But at the very end of the lazy river, there was a huge incline to slide down that was very fun.


Next we got into the sauna. It was 80 degrees Celsius! That’s very hot! Think about how 100 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which water boils! So this was a super hot sauna! Wowza! After the sauna, we went to the koi (coy) pond! I got to stick my feet in there and the tiny little fish came up and gave my feet kisses to suck all the dead skin off of my feet! It was an unexplainable feeling. It tickles SO badly. I just couldn’t get past the thought of all of the fish, so I didn’t keep my feet in there very long. After that, I went down one of the kiddie slides! Paris and Heather just watched, but I really wanted to go on it, so I did. After about three and a half hours at the water park, we finally decided to head home because we were hungry.


We decided to take an adventure instead of going home. We walked to a 7eleven and got a drink, then took a taxi to CostCo to get PIZZA! We got a HUGE Hawaiian pizza and a chicken bake to split between the three of us. After that we took another taxi home. This taxi driver was great! It was the first time, even though we have taken many taxis, that the driver held conversations with us for most of the ride. We told him how we were going to Hualian tomorrow, and he was like, “REALLY?” because he is going there tomorrow too! He told us he was going to the Toroko National park to go canoeing, and we were surprised because that’s where we are going too! We told him that we’d keep an eye out for him!


A few things to reflect on about the day: Heather and I decided that the lesson of the day was definitely that WE HATE SPEEDOS. Taiwanese culture is so baffling in the fact that the women wear what we would consider grandma-style bathing suits from the 1800’s, while EVERY guy, regardless of his size, wears a Speedo. It makes no sense! I only saw three other women the whole day that had on bikinis like I did. Yet every guy is walking around in 5 inches of fabric and considers it a suitable swimming suit! It’s crazy! Another thing I noticed was how clean the water park is. In America, you could sometimes see things floating in the water, like hair or bandaids, but in Taiwan, it was all so clean. It also didn’t smell like chlorine at all! Strange! We’re heading to bed soon since early tomorrow morning we are going on a three-day trip to Hualian! I am very excited!

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL