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Today I went to St. Louis.  I got down there around eight this morning and decided I was hungry.  Too early for Chipotle (the best restaurant on the face of this earth), so I stopped in a fast food joint that offered free Wi-FI.  Before I entered this establishment I made a quick call to my mom using my Bluetooth headset, I texted my wife, then took a picture using the same phone of a funny bumper sticker.  I got my breakfast and sat down, making sure I had my iPod touch with Wi-Fi capabilities.  I checked my email, Facebook, and then a quick update on the Boston Marathon that was underway.

I finished breakfast and moved on to a bookstore.  This place also had free Wi-Fi (why not really?).  After I pulled out my wife’s netbook and got it connected to the wireless, I once again extracted the Touch.  I went to the Chipotle app and located a restaurant less than five miles from my location.  I went ahead and downloaded the Boston Marathon app since it was streaming live updates over the internet, checked to see when the Cubs were playing via the MLB app, and then posted a status on Facebook about what I was doing (because I knew people really wanted to know). 

After a couple of hours of school work (no technology there, boring!), I jumped in my car, entered the address of Chipotle into the GPS and took off!  It was a little while after I finished my burrito that I thought about everything I had done today.   Not much, technology had done everything for me.  I couldn’t decide if I should embrace it or be disgusted.  When I got my driver’s license there was one cell phone the family shared, and it was in a bag.  And it couldn’t text or take pictures.  I use to access the internet with not only wires, but through a phone line that tied up the land line.  And to find out if the Cubs were playing I referenced a little paper schedule I carried in my wallet.  Technology should be embraced, we use it every day, but what we need is a National Shut It Down day. 

How about we take a day to shut down all electronics that aren’t vital to our daily living?  No cell phones, iPods, laptops or GPS.  We will survive.  Maybe we can get out to a park, go for a walk or a bike ride.  How about picking up trash around your neighborhood or in a park?  Try this for a day, then the next day turn them all back on, blog about it, put a link to the blog on Facebook, and then text all our friends to let them know you just posted something on Facebook.  And why not, take your cell phone back to the park and take a picture of the trash free park.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL