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Hello all!

I am but two weeks away from starting at my new school, and boy am I excited to make some friends! You see, I have moved into my new apartment in Fishers, IN, and unpacking by yourself gets pretty lonely. I have NEVER lived completely alone before (I just spent the last three years living in the TriDelta sorority house). Needless to say I am very used to having  LOTS of people around me (approximately 40 sisters) and living by myself is going to take some getting used to. 
    I love my new place, it is just perfect-well it will be when I finally get enough money to fill it with everything it needs! Moving is expensive! But I am making it all work for now. 
    My neighbors do not seem to exist, which could be a blessing I guess-at least they are not blaring music at all hours of the night. I do wish that one of them was a nice carpenter that could help me put all of this furniture together! AHH!
    Anyway, I am quickly starting to feel much more like an adult now (a feeling that seems to lie dormant for some time after graduation). Yesterday I bought a renters insurance policy and paid my $200.00/yr IUSM parking fee. Is that what its like to be an adult? To feel like an ATM all the time? So far that is how I feel. Ugh.
    Good luck at school MU students! I miss you all :(
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL