Students must assume certain roles and responsibilities to ensure the success of an internship. 

Prior to the internship, students will:

  • Discuss internship ideas with faculty advisor and identify appropriate faculty supervisor/sponsor.
  • Follow Millikin University guidelines for internship approval, development, and registration.
  • Work with the faculty supervisor/sponsor to develop written goals and objectives with clear outcomes.
  • Select an agency preceptor that has strong knowledge and skills in the area of focus.

During the internship:

  • Be respectful.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, and show interest and openness.
  • Exhibit a desire to learn; learning is not a passive process but one that requires active commitment.
  • Use good communication skills – actively listen.
  • Do not practice without preceptor supervision; seek appropriate help in unfamiliar situations.
  • Do not accept responsibility for something if it is beyond your scope of practice or ability – be honest. 
  • Be proactive in planning and sharing your learning goals. Make sure your preceptor is aware of those goals.
  • Meet with your preceptor frequently, request feedback, and review goal achievement.
  • Meet with your faculty preceptor frequently to review internship experience and goal achievement.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner and in accordance with the values of the institution – including dress.
  • Participate in any necessary clinical agency orientation and be compliant with agency policies and procedures.
  • Adhere to schedule established with preceptor. If unable to attend because of illness or other emergency situation, be sure to contact the preceptor faculty prior to the scheduled time.
  • Complete work outcomes established for the internship and submit to faculty supervisor in time frame established in internship outcomes.