CAPP Degree Evaluation Instructions

  1. Go to My Millikin 
  2. Click on MU Online
  3. Enter your User ID (student ID number) and PIN.
  4. If you forget your PIN, enter your ID number then click on the button that says Forgot PIN at the bottom of the page.  The next screen will ask for the last four digits of your social security number.  Enter those numbers and submit.  The next screen will ask you to create a new PIN and then repeat it in the next box.
  5. Now select Student Services and Financial Aid
  6. On the next page select Student Records
  7. On the next page near the bottom you'll see a link called Degree Evaluation, click on that link.
  8. Now select the current term that applies to you.  Pull down the options and select either Fall or Spring of the current year.
  9. This page displays your current degree program.
  10. At the bottom of the page you can select to View Previous Evaluations or do a 'What-If-Analysis' if you want to update the evaluation or see what another major might require.
  11. We run batch degree evaluations for all students who have earned 70 credits or more so if you are in that group, there should be an up to date evaluation available to review.  If there is not, you can run a 'What-if-Analysis' or contact the Registrar's Office and we'll run one for you.


Some suggestions when reading compliance

  • Have a copy of your most recent transcript in front of you so that if the compliance is indicating something is missing you can double check the transcript to be sure it really is or the compliance is just not picking things up properly.
  • Start by looking at first page to be sure program and degree are correct.
  • Summary information will tell you how many total credits you should complete at the end of the current term. (the current registration is added to completed credits). This allows you to see how many credits you will need to complete in order to graduate.
  • Check GPA information…for programs that require a GPA above 2.00, this will be noted under Program GPA.
  • Check the next area – 300/400 level credits to see how many have been completed. Remember current registrations are included. Courses not included in the current term are courses you have withdrawn from prior to running the compliance.
  • In most cases (not in all) the next area either University Studies or the major.
    • If the course has been satisfied a Yes will appear in the left hand column. A No indicates the course is yet to be completed. Remember current registrations are included in the compliance if you withdraw or fail a course, the next compliance will not show this course. Also check to make sure the Registrar has interpreted the catalog properly; look for missing requirements or incorrect course requirements listed in the major area.

Degree Correction Form

Application for Degree

Points to remember

  • U.S. studies and Global studies courses are cross-listed with other departments. If you see that one of these requirements is missing, check the 300/400 level area and/or the Non-Program electives areas at the end of the compliance to see if the course exists under its departmental ID. If it does, please notify the Registrar and we’ll code the course so that the next compliance will show the requirement is complete.
  • The same is true for School/Division requirements or Off-campus learning or the Semiotic systems or Culture Track. You may have agreed upon a certain course to fulfill one of these areas but the compliance is not listing those courses properly (especially in the Track B and C areas). Notify the Registrar what the problem is and we’ll make sure it shows up on the next compliance. (e-mail is fine)
  • One final point… may have worked out a substitute course in the major or general studies. Our office needs to know what that substitution is so that we can code it correctly in the system.
  • One more time…the compliance that you create is based solely on the information in your student record. To check your current record, go to click on Registration, then click on Check Your Registration Status. Go to the bottom of that page and find Degree (B.S. or B.A. in such and such) and click on Degree. This will display your current degree information. If something needs to be changed, contact the Registrar’s Office.