Putting Learning into Action

Students in the School of Education have access to a wide array of opportunities to apply classroom learning outside of the classroom. Millikin believes that you take learning to the next level when you can apply what you've read and talked about in the real world. Working under the supervision of a mentor, you'll have the opportunity to process your experiences and refine your understanding of the topic through personal reflection and self-assessment.

Dennis Lab School

Millikin offers field experiences through a partnership with Dennis Lab School. Dennis works hard to provide a challenging educational atmosphere where children have the freedom to be creative, innovative, and take a leadership role in their education; all the while learning how to make their school and community the best possible place. Dennis Lab School has undergone a progressive shift in culture by integrating Project Based Learning into the curriculum. DLS is transforming instructional practice to prepare our students to meet the rigor associated with 21st Century Learning and the Common Core.

English Language Center

Millikin is home to the English Language Center, which welcomes international students from all over the world. Their goal is to teach international students English as their second language as they prepare to enroll in regular university studies. Education candidates take part in a number of conversation programs, cultural events and informal activities as a means of understanding how an English Language Learner experiences a new life, a new language and new friends.

International and domestic immersion

If you are considering a professional career in Elementary Education with an endorsement in either English as a Second Language or Special Education, consider enhancing your preparation with international experiences within the School of Education. Our School of Education has collaborative partnership schools in China, Spain, Chile and the Dominican Republic. We offer two week or semester-long experiences in these countries, where participants have opportunities to learn about the culture through coursework, as well as teach English to children in a classroom or recreational setting. If you choose a short term Immersion, you will travel with a faculty member. If you choose a semester-long experience, you will live at a university and attend classes and internships independently.

Embarking on an international experience can expand one’s idea of our global society, transform one’s thinking regarding how diverse populations learn and provide a truly eye opening experience to bring back to one’s future classroom.

Diverse experiences are plentiful domestically as well! Our School of Education works closely with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture in Hyde Park, a neighborhood south of Chicago’s downtown loop. We offer one week Immersions at the Chicago Center, where participants explore multiple neighborhoods, cultural events and internships in diverse schools. Candidates may also choose to student teach in Chicago, living and learning at the Chicago Center.

Practice in the Field

Students choosing a program to become a teacher will have multiple internship experiences spread across their 8 semesters of study. These internships are integrated and connected to courses so that theory may be practiced under the supervision of the professor as well as the mentor teachers in the school classroom. Internship placements may be in Decatur, the surrounding county schools, or in Chicago. A variety of grade levels, socio economic and demographic populations, as well as varying types of themed and magnet schools are used for internships.

Education 170/172 - Educational Internships I and II

Internships for Education 170 and 172 are usually the first internships students participate in during their education at Millikin. Students serve as teaching assistants 3 or 4 hours per week, totaling 30 hours, for an entire semester in ED 170. Alternately, this may be done in an intensive 5-day internship during university break for ED 172.

Also available is an ED 172 course that involves completing the internship at Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture. This is a total immersion internship where the culture of the area is also included in the experience.