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Living the Good Life 


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No presence informationMichael Panozzo

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Mike Panozzo

Grade 8


Nutrition and Healthy Living

“Living the Good Life”

This Web quest focuses on unhealthy eating and living trends in our country and community and the healthy alternatives that could be taken in their place. 


Illinois Learning Goals and Standards

STATE GOAL 22:  Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.

     A.  Explain the basic principles of health promotion, illness prevention and safety.

     B.  Describe and explain the factors that influence health among individuals, groups and communities.


STATE GOAL 23.  Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

A.  Describe and explain the structure and functions of the human body systems and how they interrelate.

B.  Explain the effects of health-related actions on the body systems.


NETS:  Students

1.   Creativity and Innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. (A, B, C, D)

2.    Communication and Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. (A, D)

5.    Digital Citizenship

Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. (A, B, C)

6.    Technology Operations and Concepts

Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. (A, D)



The Secretary for Health and Human Services has been working on the health crisis in America for years now, and she has finally decided that it is time for your help.  Your job is to research problems with American lifestyles in relation to diet, exercise, and nutrition, and make a detailed report of your findings.  She will them grant you money to create your own persuasive documentary in order to urge people to change their ways and live healthier lives.



1)    Each group will be provided a habit, diet, or activity that an average American participates in regularly that is bad for their health.  

2)    They will research the prior, gather information on why it is unhealthy, how it negatively affects the body, and then identify someone in their lives that it applies to (this will be important for the final presentation).

3)    After the research is done, and they have information for each inquiry, they will use that information to guide them through making a video documentary highlighting their assigned activity. 

4)    They will present in the documentary, using as much persuasive and argumentative information and imagery as possible, the reasons why Americans should discontinue said vice and introduce an alternative.   It should be around 10 minutes, or as long as the students believe it needs to be in order to persuade the public (the class and myself).


Each group member will be assigned a role to concentrate on, although every student in every group will need to contribute to each component of the activity.  The student assigned to each role will mostly be responsible for insuring that their part of the job is thoroughly completed. 

Researcher- The researcher gathers the information needed about the assigned unhealthy lifestyle component.

Dietitian/Nutritionist/Trainer- Depending on what the group is assigned, the job of this role will be to understand all the information the researcher gives about the unhealthy component, analyze it, and based on that information come up with an alternative activity or diet plan that would be a better choice. 

Director-   The director takes what the researcher and Dietitian/Nutritionist/Trainer come up with and plans out the documentary in order to effectively present the information and persuade the audience towards the advised alternative.

Camera-person- The camera-person is the behind the scenes worker, collaborating with each group member with their specific tasks.  In the end, they are the person behind the camera. 




Internet Resources:



















Point of View - Awareness of Audience

Strong awareness of audience in the design. Students can clearly explain why they felt the vocabulary, audio and graphics chosen fit the target audience.

Some awareness of audience in the design. Students can partially explain why they felt the vocabulary, audio and graphics chosen fit the target audience.

Some awareness of audience in the design. Students find it difficult to explain how the vocabulary, audio and graphics chosen fit the target audience.

Limited awareness of the needs and interests of the target audience.

Point of View - Purpose

Establishes a purpose early on and maintains a clear focus throughout.

Establishes a purpose early on and maintains focus for most of the presentation.

There are a few lapses in focus, but the purpose is fairly clear.

It is difficult to figure out the purpose of the presentation.


Images create a strong emotional response from the audience and keep their attention for the entire presentation.

Images create a good emotional response from the audience and keep their attention for the majority of the presentation.

An attempt was made to use images to get an emotional response from the audience, with the audience keeping some attention to the presentation.

Little or no attempt to use images to get emotion from the audience, audience paid little attention.

Soundtrack - Emotion

Music stirs a rich emotional response that matches the story line well.

Music stirs a rich emotional response that somewhat matches the story line.

Music is ok, and not distracting, but it does not add much to the story.

Music is distracting, inappropriate, OR was not used.


Uses a persuasive style throughout.

Uses a persuasive style the majority (85-95%) of the time, some just for entertainment.

Uses a persuasive style most (70-84%) of the time.

Presentation style is primarily for entertainment purposes, little or no persuasion.


Is highly effective in inspiring change in the audience and gets an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience

Is effective in inspiring change, and gets a good response from the audience

Is somewhat effective in inspiring change, and gets some response

Is not effective in inspiring any response from the audience


Individual Evaluation:

Did the student work well in group?

Was the student prepared for presentation and did they participate equally in the presentation?

Did the student organize the information they found?

Did the student complete their tasks as well as contribute to the other tasks that were not specifically assigned to them?

Did the student use the resources provided to enhance their presentation and give an honest effort?

Did the student actively learn along with the other group members?



Good work!  You have successfully created a new, exciting, and persuasive way to make our country a happier and healthier place, the government is in debt to you for your services.  After learning about and understanding some unhealthy habits and diets some Americans struggle with, you can now move on to living a healthier lifestyle for yourself and teaching people around you to live the same way. 

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL