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The 2014 New Musicals Workshop presents:

The Legend of New York

Book & Lyrics by Ryan Cunningham, Music & Lyrics by Joshua Salzman

Winners of Jonathan Larson Award, Drama Desk and MAC Award nominees

Other works include: I Love You Because and Next Thing You Know


Joshua Salzman & Ryan Cunningham with the cast of The Legend of New York         

Public Performance will be Sunday, January 19th at 3:00pm
Kaeuper Hall, Perkinson Music Center

**This full length production will feature a talk-back with the writers, cast, and creative team after the performance!

: Lori Bales

Music Director: Kevin Long

Stage Manager:
Hannah Davis-Shatinsky

New Musicals Workshop Associate: Brian Kocher

Abraham: Sean Doherty

Sarah: Jordan LeGaux

Lonny: Darian Lunsford

Edie: Emmy Burns

Patrick: Jake Morrissy

Angel of the Waters: Jessica Benson

Old Man: Ryan Hickey

Rioteer: Anthony Norman

Steve: Anthony Norman

Jessie: Quinn Wise

Sheena: Sidney Davis

Candy: Lexis Danca

Tina: Sidney Davis

Helena: Emily Briggs

Skizzy: Anthony Norman

 Various Roles and Ensemble:

Conor McGarry, Ryan Lacy, Quinn Wise


The Legend of New York is the unknown story about the 1977 New York City blackout. It follows Abraham, a New York City cop, who comes home to his wife after being laid off from the force. They fight over what to do next, and it’s the final straw for their troubled relationship—and she leaves him. Abe heads out to Central Park to drink away his problems, but instead stumbles upon a woman being attacked at the Bethesda Fountain. He saves her life and chases away the vagrants who make the fountain their home. He sits on the edge of the fountain, destitute—and it’s then that an angel appears to him.

 She tells Abe that the angels were impressed by his act of kindness, and he has been chosen to take on a quest to save New York. The city has reached rock bottom, and so the angels will test it to see if it’s worth saving or if they should destroy it once and for all. Abe has to find three worthy souls and bring them to the top of the city by sunrise.

Abe heads towards a homeless shelter to find worthy volunteers. But along the way he stumbles upon a wise man who tells Abe that he won’t find worthy souls in good places. The places to find people who really shine, like diamonds in the rough, are the toughest places in town. Abe takes the man’s advice, and heads to the worst parts of the city: Studio 54, Times Square, CBGB’s and of course, the subway—right as the famed blackout of ’77 begins.

Along his journey he teams up with his dirty cop brother, Lonny, a violent bouncer named Patrick and a Times Square hooker called Edie—all to save the city he has grown to hate and salvage his relationship with the woman he loves. Ultimately, Abe’s quest takes him to the top of the World Trade Center, where he only produces two worthy souls—so the city is to be destroyed. However, the angel offers him the chance to come with her to heaven. Abe chooses to die with the city, but in so doing proves he is the third worthy soul. And it’s through this decision that Abe learns to once again love the city he’s hated for so long—and to earn back the love of his wife. 

Decatur Arts Council “Members Only” Community Outreach Event

On January 15th at 6:30pm, members of the cast and creative team of The Legend of New York will be traveling to the Decatur Public Library for an event hosted by the Decatur Area Arts Council. This event will feature a discussion with Millikin University faculty and students regarding the process of the New Musicals Workshop, as well as some performances from the show.



Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL