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First Year 
First Week 2013
Students in their first year should:
1. Develop and utilize a personal mission statement to set priorities in their lives while at Millikin and beyond.
2. Improve in their ability to manage time effectively.
3. See out opportunities to volunteer and serve.
4. Develop habits to improve their seven dimensions of wellness.
5. Respectfully listen to and consider other points of view.

Activities & Events

First Week

Students will be introduced to the Millikin leadership program through a week long interactive program that integrates ethical reasoning, inclusively, and service while developing community through their seminar cohorts.

Emerging Leader Retreat

Students have the opportunity to engage in Student Senate's Emerging Leader Retreat in the spring semester. During this time students will be able to learn more about value based leadership development.

Community Service

Through their University Seminar 140 course, each first year student will be responsible for completing five hours of individual community service through the Career Center. 

Leadership Series

All first year students will have the opportunity to attend a leadership series that explores goal setting, value congruence, time management, meeting management, leadership styles, etc.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one student organization. Students have the opportunity to explore our 90+ student organizations during the Student Involvement Fair held within the first week of school in the fall and spring semesters.

Leadership Portfolio

Each first year student will have the opportunity to create a Leadership Portfolio. This will be built over the course of their time at Millikin and will serve as a reflective activity for students.Please go to MyMillikin to access your leadership portfolio.

Leadership Awards

Students will have the opportunity to apply for the first year student leadership award. This award recognizes the achievements and leadership potential of a first year male and first year female. The award is announced during the Leadership Awards Ceremony held the first Sunday in May.

Career Exploration

Students have an opportunity to set up a meeting with the Career Center to explore career opportunities through personality and interest. 

Optional Activities

End of Semester and Year End Events

These social events at the end of each semester will be planned to serve as an opportunity for all students to celebrate their accomplishments and be recognized for their outstanding commitment to their own leadership development. 

Other Activities

A variety of other leadership opportunities and activities will be offered by the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement as well as other departments each year.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL